On 06-12, ROBERT CHAPEL wrote:
> Thank you for all the responses re: pain meds....  I was hoping there 
> was something out there that I hadn't heard about ( actually there are 
> many but I was hoping for first hand experience)... The shelter is 
> mulling over providing Buprenorphine... but.. in the meantime I got them 
> to reinstate his prednisolone ( which is seemingly already 
> helping....HOPE it continues to do so)...  Wondering if anyone had used 
> larger doses than 5mg BID..

Do you mean .5ml which is half of a 1ml syringe?

My IBD cat gets .5 of prednisolone once a day and is doing very well
on it.  It does affect a cats immune system which is why it works
well with inflamatory problems like IBD (Inflamatory Bowel Disease),
but I never heard of using steroids for FelV positive cats, since
their immune systems are already compromised.  I will be very
interested in hearing about this.  Perhaps I missed some of your


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