Pam Doore Ask Amani (on this felvtalk) about Zander's Protocol - consists of 
doxycycline, Prednisolone and most important is Winstrol. IMPORTANT to get your 
kitty on this ASAP. 
It is my understanding that a cat given the vaccine and then booster may test 
positive for FeLV - a bummer. 

Sandy W 

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Hi Marilyn, I have been using lysine gel to help my Mozart who has herpes virus 
on top of the FeLu. 
There was a powdered supplement that a FeLu rescue outside of Boston gives to 
all of their cats to help build up immune system. I don't remember what the 
name of that was. It was originally given to humans with HIV. 

What kind of infection is Destiny fighting? 

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Has anyone used these for FeLV? 

My kitty, Destiny, is battling a bad infection. We were shocked to find she had 
FeLV. She had had the shot and a booster. The vet was treating her and the 
infection was getting worse and then we found out the terrible truth. I am 
feeding her food with a syringe and keeping her comfortable. She is on an 
antibiotic. I am giving her Essiac tea. No idea if it is effective. 

I am going to get DMG because friends have suggested that for FeLV. 

I also am looking at Life Gold and Nu-Pet Feline Antioxidant, but find info on 
using them with cancer, not FeLV. Anyone have a suggestion about boosting her 
immune system and fighting this infection? We thought we were going to lose her 
this week, but she is slightly better the last 24 hours. 

Thank you! 

~Marilyn Knapp Litt 

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