Are you sure it is cannabis oil and not a derivative of hemp which is sometimes 
confusingly called the same thing? Usually you need a prescription and to jump 
through a million hoops. I don’t think it is easily available. I just went to, but don’t see it. I did a search on “cannabis” and another on “oil” 
and nothing came up fitting the bill. I would have been really surprised if 
something had.


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I get mine from<>. I needs to be made for cats or it 
is bitter. Two of mine get the gel mixed in with flld 2x a day. The othet gets 
the treats, all from Chewy :-).
On Jun 21, 2017 5:26 PM, <<>> 
Okay, I am convinced.  Next question is where do you get the safe stuff.  There 
are many sources out there and I don't want to buy from a shady seller.

---- Amani Oakley <<>> 
> Amy, you could have knocked me over with a feather too. I had some cannabis 
> oil I had obtained for a relative with cancer, who eventually passed away. I 
> had gotten the oil far too late in the day, unfortunately, as I too knew 
> nothing about this stuff and was pretty darned skeptical - having been 
> brought up as a "good girl" who had never ever tried drugs of any kind.
> I had seen a lot of information about the oil being excellent for skin cancer 
> with just topical application, so one day, I had a cold sore starting at the 
> corner of my mouth and I thought, why not? I put some on topically, put a 
> band-aid over it overnight, and woke up to find it completely gone. I have 
> used other stuff from the drug mart, and found that it assisted SOMETIMES in 
> shortening the duration of the cold sore, but never before had I had the sore 
> disappear on day one. I then did a Google search on cannabis oil and cold 
> sores, and was stunned to find many many people reporting its significant 
> effectiveness and research which found its effectiveness against herpes 
> viruses.
> Amani
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> I've spent countless hours researching cold sores and remedies for them, and 
> NEVER, until now, have I heard anything about cannabis oil as a treatment. 
> But now, when I search specifically for that in relation to herpes virus, I'm 
> astounded...all this time, there's been a possible cure, and somehow this 
> information isn't widely known or shared? Such a shame! And of course, I live 
> in a red state that doesn't recognize medical marijuana. What a blow. All of 
> the days I've had to miss work, all the pain and physical/mental suffering 
> (my outbreaks are terrible and unforgiving, with swollen lymph nodes and 
> fever symptoms)...and if only I could get some cannabis oil, I may no longer 
> have to suffer. I'll hold out hope.
> Once again, thank you Amani, for your incredibly vast amount of knowledge. 
> You literally saved my cat's life, and maybe some day, your shared knowledge 
> will save me from the agony of cold sores.
> Amy
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> > On Jun 21, 2017, at 12:42 PM, Amani Oakley 
> > <<>> wrote:
> >
> > Cannabis is an absolutely amazing product. Do your own research. You will 
> > see very solid scientific evidence that backs up the many positive effects 
> > this substance has. In fact, I was pretty enraged when I did the research. 
> > It is clear that the decision to ban this substance was fraught with racial 
> > overtones, and was introduced simply because after the demise of 
> > prohibition, the government agency tasked with enforcing prohibition, 
> > needed a new mandate. It is also appalling that because of this 
> > ill-conceived war on drugs, and placing cannabis on Schedule 1 in the 
> > United States, virtually all scientific testing was either banned 
> > completely, or faced so many obstacles, that most scientists avoided doing 
> > any research on it at all. Thus, much of the scientific studies come from 
> > Spain and Israel. Oddly enough, when a pharmaceutical company decided to 
> > extract one of the key substances from the cannabis plant and market it as 
> > Marinol, it suddenly went from having no known medicinal qualities (the 
> > criteria to have it listed in Schedule 1) to being a very effective drug 
> > which can be marketed and can make lots of money for the drug company.
> >
> > Do your own research. There is tons of stuff on the internet. There are 
> > Harvard professors and top-notch researchers turning out excellent, amazing 
> > research regarding the healing powers of this substance.
> >
> > Oh, and the reason why so many of the States are now recognizing it for its 
> > medicinal qualities and legalizing it, is because it is unbelievably 
> > effective in helping young children suffering from severe forms of epilepsy 
> > where they literally convulse hundreds of times an hour, and the only 
> > medications heretofore even slightly effective would put these children 
> > into complete zombie states. Cannabis not only relieves the unbearable 
> > non-stop seizures, but doesn’t affect the children's level of 
> > consciousness. Parents in states which have not legalized marijuana have 
> > literally moved their whole families to other states to access medical 
> > marijuana when they have children suffering these syndromes. Even 
> > Republicans have in some instances been moved to back bills legalizing 
> > medical marijuana, when they have been confronted with these suffering 
> > children. Medical marijuana has also been found to be very effective for 
> > PTSD states, such as those suffered by servicemen and women who have served 
> > overseas and have witnessed traumatic events.
> >
> > With respect to cancer therapy, one of the worst cancers is the glioma 
> > which occurs in the brain. With such a diagnosis, most patients were dead 
> > within 6 months. Spanish researchers have recently shown that in mice with 
> > experimentally-induced gliomas, and treated with cannabinoids, 1/3 showed 
> > complete resolution of the glioma, 1/3 showed a standstill in the 
> > development of the glioma, and 1/3 showed no improvement. Given that 
> > nothing else has been found to be consistently helpful in treating gliomas, 
> > these results are nothing short of earth-shattering.
> >
> > Read and learn. I cry when I think of all the people who might have been 
> > helped if not for the conspiracy related to this drug. It is deeply deeply 
> > disturbing.
> >
> > Amani
> >
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> >
> > I agree on the cannibinol.  I wonder if maybe some of this is to justify 
> > making it legal saying it is for medical reasons.  It can't be all that 
> > wonderful, nothing is and when someone tells me that, I get suspicious.
> >
> > ---- ROBERT CHAPEL <<>> 
> > wrote:
> >>
> >
> >
> > Amy....
> > I'm not able to link to the article simply because it was not something I 
> > held on to...  At the time I had two FeLV+ young cats and I did NOT want to 
> > hear that one of the few things that I COULD do for them was useless....  I 
> > mentioned it to a couple of vets who were rather insistent that it IS 
> > useful....  Yes/No Maybe so  : )  I chose to believe and did not make a 
> > point of keeping the article for reference...  and Amani ( if you happen to 
> > read this)  I am getting hopeful about all of the uses of cannabinol ( 
> > though I AM suspect when something is said to be useful for everything from 
> > Cancer to Transmission Trouble in Oldsmobiles)...  With all the Hoopla 
> > there must be a pony in there somewhere..
> >
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