Sort of like the stigma surrounding Winstrol due to the misuse of it by an 
Olympic athlete....... people and animals who could be helped by it are not. 
People are crazy sometimes.


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Cannabis is an absolutely amazing product. Do your own research. You will see 
very solid scientific evidence that backs up the many positive effects this 
substance has. In fact, I was pretty enraged when I did the research. It is 
clear that the decision to ban this substance was fraught with racial 
overtones, and was introduced simply because after the demise of prohibition, 
the government agency tasked with enforcing prohibition, needed a new mandate. 
It is also appalling that because of this ill-conceived war on drugs, and 
placing cannabis on Schedule 1 in the United States, virtually all scientific 
testing was either banned completely, or faced so many obstacles, that most 
scientists avoided doing any research on it at all. Thus, much of the 
scientific studies come from Spain and Israel. Oddly enough, when a 
pharmaceutical company decided to extract one of the key substances from the 
cannabis plant and market it as Marinol, it suddenly went from having no known 
medicinal qualities (the criteria to have it listed in Schedule 1) to being a 
very effective drug which can be marketed and can make lots of money for the 
drug company.

Do your own research. There is tons of stuff on the internet. There are Harvard 
professors and top-notch researchers turning out excellent, amazing research 
regarding the healing powers of this substance.

Oh, and the reason why so many of the States are now recognizing it for its 
medicinal qualities and legalizing it, is because it is unbelievably effective 
in helping young children suffering from severe forms of epilepsy where they 
literally convulse hundreds of times an hour, and the only medications 
heretofore even slightly effective would put these children into complete 
zombie states. Cannabis not only relieves the unbearable non-stop seizures, but 
doesn’t affect the children's level of consciousness. Parents in states which 
have not legalized marijuana have literally moved their whole families to other 
states to access medical marijuana when they have children suffering these 
syndromes. Even Republicans have in some instances been moved to back bills 
legalizing medical marijuana, when they have been confronted with these 
suffering children. Medical marijuana has also been found to be very effective 
for PTSD states, such as those suffered by servicemen and women who have served 
overseas and have witnessed traumatic events. 

With respect to cancer therapy, one of the worst cancers is the glioma which 
occurs in the brain. With such a diagnosis, most patients were dead within 6 
months. Spanish researchers have recently shown that in mice with 
experimentally-induced gliomas, and treated with cannabinoids, 1/3 showed 
complete resolution of the glioma, 1/3 showed a standstill in the development 
of the glioma, and 1/3 showed no improvement. Given that nothing else has been 
found to be consistently helpful in treating gliomas, these results are nothing 
short of earth-shattering. 

Read and learn. I cry when I think of all the people who might have been helped 
if not for the conspiracy related to this drug. It is deeply deeply disturbing.


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I agree on the cannibinol.  I wonder if maybe some of this is to justify making 
it legal saying it is for medical reasons.  It can't be all that wonderful, 
nothing is and when someone tells me that, I get suspicious.

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I'm not able to link to the article simply because it was not something I held 
on to...  At the time I had two FeLV+ young cats and I did NOT want to hear 
that one of the few things that I COULD do for them was useless....  I 
mentioned it to a couple of vets who were rather insistent that it IS 
useful....  Yes/No Maybe so  : )  I chose to believe and did not make a point 
of keeping the article for reference...  and Amani ( if you happen to read 
this)  I am getting hopeful about all of the uses of cannabinol ( though I AM 
suspect when something is said to be useful for everything from Cancer to 
Transmission Trouble in Oldsmobiles)...  With all the Hoopla there must be a 
pony in there somewhere..

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