Hi Bob

When I was treating Zander, all the vets were using prednisone on cats, so that 
is what I used on Zander. I don’t agree it is useless. I have used prednisone 
on other cats, with good result. However, I now understand that prednisolone is 
a derivative of prednisone and is better and safer for cats. This is my 
understanding as to why this was changed, but I have heard from vets that the 
two are interchangeable in terms of dosage, etc.


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Hi Ken...
I well know the experience of lying with a cat dying of Felv until they passed 
and these posts are reawakening my own sadnesss and frustration at being able 
to do so little so late with my own two FelV boys.  It is SO difficult for me 
to grasp the level of opposition to Winstrol on the part of some vets...  they 
are surely not worried about law suits and they have a dying cat in front of 
them that they have NO definitive Tx for....why NOT try Winstrol...  It is 
beyond absurd...  Unless there is some kind of worry at being fingered for 
prescibing minute doses of an anabolic steroid ( go ahead...take the dose you 
would give to a cat and see the AMAZING effect is has...  You'll feel 
nothing....  I can't help but wonder if a lot of vets think if they wipe out 
the entire population of FeLV cats that they will effectively wipe out the 
disease( an odd consideration given that there will always BE a "patient 
Zero"...  it has to start somewhere and likely would again...   Then 
again...anemia is only one of the complications of this damnable disease ( 
though admittedly the most critical...   They are driving law abiding citizens 
into illegal activity trying to find alternative sources of a hard to obtain 
drug in order to save their cats lives.... it's f-in insane!!!
There is no end to the irrationality one can encounter when people who are ' 
supposed ' to be schooled in scientific thinking decide that , that which 
stands before them....a winstrol treated cat in recovery from anemia must not 
have had FeLV or there must be an alternative explanation for the recovery....  
Everything BUT trying Winstrol on other cats with the disease and SEEING if it 
works ..run you own N of 5 or 6 mini experiment and see if you get a a positive 
result.... It's not as though you are using alternative medicine on a cancer 
patient that MIGHT have survived had they had proven Tx...   they have NOTHING 
to offer us that compares with Winstrol in the clutch ( though to date we have 
only a very few cats who have survived as a result of taking Winstrol and , to 
my mind, it has not established itself as the de-facto drug for FeLV instigated 
anemia...but... it is certainly the most hopeful in a field of paltry 
competitors.....   We all want to live with hope, and Winstrol gives us 
this....  So Ken, by all means, spread the word, pester,implore,cajole your vet 
into trying it....but don't be too terribly surprised when you have to figure 
out how to dismantle the brick wall you are likely to encounter..


BTW.... Amani..  are you recommending prednisone or prednisolone with the 
Doxy...   many vets insist that prednisone is not useful for cats..

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