sure happy to know that article is a good thing for "us". Just happened to 
Sandy W 

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I cannot tell you how happy your post, below, makes me. Much of what is in the 
Drs. Fosters & Smith website, sounds like it was taken from my hundreds of 
posts, verbatim. I feel a little vindicated, because most of this stuff I 
worked out on my own by observation, lab testing, researching etc. My 
hypotheses were just that. Seeing this stuff posted, and looking like it came 
from an interview with me, helps me to stop wondering at times if I am just 
plain crazy, since no one else seemed to know or understand this stuff – 
especially the vets. 

I didn’t know of the second anabolic steroid – nandrolone. I have no idea if it 
is as good as the Winstrol, but it would be nice if there were additional 
options rather than just Winstrol. 

A couple of things though. Dogs have had good responses to Winstrol as well, 
but they suffer far more from the side-effects than cats do. Also, Winstrol has 
very little of the androgenic side-effects, like virilisation – even in human 
athletes. Winstrol is considered pretty safe in that regard. 

As I am mentioned as recently as my post today though, Winstrol is very good 
for a whole lot of conditions. It’s ability to regenerate bone marrow and get 
red cell, white cell and platelet production increased, is what makes it very 
helpful in treating FeLV cats. But it has applications in many, many conditions 
where cats (and dogs, and sheep and horses – studies show), are run-down, ill, 
ailing, not eating, wasting away, etc. 

Boy, does it feel good to know that I am not alone, crying in the wilderness 
about this stuff! 


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The Androgen Group-Anabolic Steroids 


Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith 




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This is from the Drs. Fosters & Smith website - for anyone interested 

Sandy W 

These compounds are related to the male hormone testosterone. They are referred 
to as the anabolic steroids because they cause the formation of new proteins. 
As we stated before, they are often abused by athletes trying to increase 
strength and muscle mass. Their use in canine medicine, while infrequent, is 
related to these and similar properties. 

Anabolic steroids come in liquid forms for injection and tablets for oral 
administration. Two of the most commonly used in canine medicine are stanozolol 
(Winstrol-V) and nandrolone (DecaDurabolin). 

Animals that have been sick for a long time or who have been through severe, 
debilitating injuries often have generalized weakness and atrophied muscles. In 
some, this has progressed to the point where the animals can no longer walk or 
even stand. Their bodies are just too run down, and without some outside 
stimulation, they simply may give up the will to live. 

Anabolic steroids are sometimes useful in these situations. The therapy may 
take several weeks. The medications can be most helpful if the veterinarian 
recognizes the condition before too much strength is lost. Anabolic steroids 
assist the body in regaining its muscle mass by building new proteins, which 
are the primary constituent of muscle fibers. Additionally, they help 
strengthen existing muscles. 

In some of these same cases, anabolic steroids are frequently used to stimulate 
the debilitated or recovering patient's appetite. To achieve this effect 
usually requires several days to several weeks of therapy for significant 

The anabolic steroids are also useful in treating certain types of anemia . 
Anemia is the term used to describe lower than normal numbers of red blood 
cells (RBCs). In certain cases where the bone marrow has stopped producing new 
RBCs, administration of anabolic steroids will stimulate this system and bring 
the number of these cells back to normal levels. They also are known to 
stimulate the production of white blood cells and platelets (tiny cells in 
blood that assist in clotting) to a lesser degree. In these situations, the 
anabolic steroids are useful only in increasing the numbers of these cells. 
They do not increase the ability of the cells to function . 

Kidney failure often brings on anemia because these organs may fail to produce 
the substance erythropoietin. Its normal function is to monitor the level of 
RBCs in the body and to stimulate the bone marrow to increase production when 
RBC numbers are too low. In its absence, anabolic steroids are often useful in 
reversing the effects of this anemia. They do not cause new erythropoietin to 
be produced; they only replace its function. 

In many situations, the anabolic steroids fail to provide the benefits 
described here. Regardless of which particular product is used, it is often 
impossible to reverse the condition present. These are not miracle drugs that 
can save every debilitated or severely ill patient, but in some they can help. 

As stated, these medications are closely related to testosterone and many of 
the problems associated with their usage are brought on by the normal actions 
of the male hormones. They can cause cessation of heat cycles and imitation 
mounting behavior in females. In males, they have been found to increase the 
incidence of prostate disease and certain hernias and tumors that are caused by 
normal testosterone levels in older male dogs. Normal sperm production is often 
disrupted, with few new cells being formed. None of these problems are 
considered significant in these cases, as many of the patients are already in a 
life or death situation. 

Anabolic steroids also cause water retention and this can cause additional 
complications in kidney or heart failure patients. These products also increase 
the absorption of calcium by the intestinal tract and cause the kidneys to 
retain calcium during normal urine production. Both of these actions lead to 
excessively high calcium levels in the blood which can be disastrous to normal 
heart function. This can be quickly fatal in those with already failing hearts. 

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