I think I overstated myself with the prednisone...
IThe explanation I got was that the active metabolite of prednisone is prednisolone which actually does the work and the animal needs to be able to make this conversion.... There appears to be some question as to the feline ability to make this conversion ( I would add....reliably...because it is clear that some cats HAVE profitted greatly from prednisone....

The question I have is IF the active metabolite is what is doing the work... why would , anyone, prescribe prednisone???  ..... gets confusing

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Hi Bob

When I was treating Zander, all the vets were using prednisone on cats, so that is what I used on Zander. I don?t agree it is useless. I have used prednisone on other cats, with good result. However, I now understand that prednisolone is a derivative of prednisone and is better and safer for cats. This is my understanding as to why this was changed, but I have heard from vets that the two are interchangeable in terms of dosage, etc.


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