Bob, I also use reply but then I delete the redundant posts, and they
never come back. I don't understand why they are coming back in your
posts. Perhaps this is because I use a very powerful, text operating
system - LINUX, not Microsoft.


On 11-02, ROBERT CHAPEL wrote:
> After imploring all of you to delete redundant posts before posting your 
> notes to the group, I noticed that my last two posts ( where I DID this) 
> STILL had all the redundant posts included in the post.....  
> I tend to use REPLY all when responding...and, in turn, seeing my post 
> twice.  This time I am deleting ALL other posts and simply hitting 
> reply...   If it posts to the group with all the other redundant posts 
> I'll have to ask the advice of the list owner to see if there is an 
> answer.... perhaps it does not bother others as much as it bothers me to 
> have to sift through 20 other messages for the new ones.... so, after 
> this I'll desist  : )

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