Hi Pam

Depending on how sick the cat is when you start the Winstrol – either 1 mg of 
Winstrol 2x daily or 2 mg of Winstrol 2x daily if you need a faster response 
(ie – no time to waste because the cat is doing very poorly).

Along with the Winstrol:

Doxycycline – 25 mg two times a day
Prednisone – 2.5 mg two times a day
¼ tablet of metoclopramide ½ before meals if needed to help food go down and 
move through the intestinal tract well and to deal with any vomiting.


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What are the dosages for winsteral,doxycycline, and prednisone that I would 
want to ask my vet for? Thank you!

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