Hi Bob,  My friend's cat I mentioned was a shelter cat who was treated by
both of our vets repeatedly and nothing worked. She was fostering and
finally gave up and took him to her own vet who saw everything that had
been tried and had not worked and went and did very expensive blood work
and then came up with the diagnosis the B12 prednisone and hydrolyzed
protein food. We were both disappointed that neither of the vet practices
that the cat had been to repeatedly and previously had never even
considered this condition as a possibility. If she had not adopted him he
would have been euthanized even though it's a no-kill shelter  Praise the
Lord different leadership is at the shelter now and that is not a
possibility anymore.

My Ally also got picky about food near the end and I definitely don't want
to mess around with the kitty not eating and doing anything to make them
even less inclined to eat.

It would be more expensive but if you could get the script compounded into
a transdermal to be absorbed through the skin in the ear that would make it
so the meds were not in the food.  I am very grateful for transdermal
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