I also frankly think you may be dealing with FeLV plus FIV. That would explain 
the fast effect on the rest of the cats in the house (which I have not seen or 
heard of from others with FIV+ cats) and also that the blood work is "fine" 
despite effects on appetite and the presence of fever. If it was the FeLV, one 
would expect a reduction in red cells, and other cell lines.


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Hello,  We are in the midst of dealing with a FELV outbreak in our household.  
Several months ago, we learned our new kitten was FELV positive; however, by 
that time three other cats had been infected.  Since Feb., we have lost two 
cats and the third is not doing well.  I have been reading the mail archives 
and have shared info with my vet, but I am now at a loss about what net steps 
to take.  At the beginning of March, Abram started to act differently - not 
interested in food (which is unusual), lethargic, and skittish.  We took him to 
the vet and discovered he also had a fever.  The vet gave him an injection of 
Convenia and put him on Onsior.  He did start eating again, but remained 
lethargic and skittish.  We took him back to the vet last week for blood work, 
which all came back fine.  He also still had a fever so he went back on Onsior. 
 I should also mention that we started him on Interferon in mid-March and just 
started his second 7-day treatment.  His symptoms remain - lethargic, skittish, 
and feeling slightly feverish.  I called the vet today and the only thing they 
can think to do is another injection of Convenia and round of Onsior.  The vet 
said that most likely this all relates to FELV and ultimately there’s not much 
to be done.  Of course, I don’t want to believe that.  Has any one else had a 
FELV cat with persistent fever?  Can T-CYTE be used in conjunction with 
Interferon? Any ideas?  We just can’t bear to lose another one of our loves to 
this.  Thanks in advance for any ideas.  Best, Jennifer
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