Hi Amani!

Thanks for your help!

As far as I know his bloodwork came back normal other than the fever. 

I will talk to my vet about the meds you suggested. Unfortunately the two vets 
I have taken him haven’t really been forthcoming with treatment options. 

My husband is taking him back to the vet on Friday since we can’t seem to get 
the diarrhea/bloating under control. 

Have a great day!

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> Hi Kristy
> The advice I repeat to everyone is that the best combination I found to treat 
> a FeLV cat is with prednisone (prednisolone), Doxycycline and Stanozolol. I 
> don’t know if you have run blood work to determine the haematocrit/red cell 
> levels, but when a cat goes into crisis, it is usually because the red cells 
> are not being replenished by the infected bone marrow (which normally 
> produces new red cells) and the cat becomes severely anaemic. Other cell 
> lines in the blood soon follow (white cells and platelets) because the 
> progenitor cells which produce those blood cell lines are also found in the 
> infected bone marrow (which is attacked by the virus). The reticulocyte 
> count, which is a measure of new red cells being produced by the bone marrow, 
> is very low or even zero (which it was with my cat).
> I would not wait until your cat is in crisis to start the treatment. My 
> kitten was in severe crisis when I stumbled upon this combination therapy, 
> and it was the only thing that worked to reverse the severe anaemia. I had 
> tried three other treatments, while doing weekly blood testing, and none of 
> the other treatments (Interferon, LTCI and Immunoregulin) budged his results 
> upwards by even a single point, though I had used each treatment for weeks if 
> not months in looking for an effective treatment.
> If I were you, I would get him on Doxycycline rather than, or at least in 
> addition to the Clavamox. The Doxycycline has been found to interfere with 
> cell wall production with some viruses. If this were my kitten, I would get 
> started on the combination of prednisone/stanozolol/doxycycline right away. 
> You might want to test the blood work to get a baseline first, but given that 
> your kitten is not currently in crisis, that may not be entirely necessary.
> With respect to the intestinal issues, with my FeLV cat, I had identified 
> that there was intestinal involvement and my research confirmed that the 
> walls of the intestines can be affected by the virus. In my cat's case, the 
> intestines were swollen and the stool seemed to sit in there for a long time. 
> I used metoclopramide (tiny amount 1/4 to 1/5 of a tablet before each meal) 
> to keep everything moving along, because my cat was eating and then throwing 
> up. Metoclopramide helps with emptying of stomach contents and moving stool 
> out of the top 1/3 of the intestines. You might consider trying the 
> metoclopramide to see if it will help with the bloating and gas.
> Amani
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> Hi!
> My husband and I recently took in a Fel-V+ kitty that showed up outside our 
> house a couple of months ago. We already had 7 other kitties so we had to 
> keep Fergus (kitty’s name) isolated in the upstairs portion of our house. 
> He is experiencing bloating, is very gassy, and still has diarrhea (softer 
> stools) and I was wondering if this is a typical symptom of a positive kitty. 
> He’s been to the vet and no parasites were found, but he was running a fever. 
> He is on Clavamox to help with the fever, but other than the 
> bloating/gas/diarrhea he is a normal kitty. We’ve tried figuring out if he 
> had an issue or allergy to specific foods, but nothing we’ve done has changed 
> his bloating/gas/diarrhea. He did have an ultrasound at the vet visit and 
> there were no masses or obstructions. 
> Is this possibly a symptom of the Fel-V?  What sort of stuff should we be 
> looking for?
> He’s such a sweet, loving kitty and my husband’s baby!  How can we help this 
> kitty?
> Thanks for any help you can provide!
> Kristy
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