Manuel M T Chakravarty wrote:
[...] For the second time...I consider
Version 1.0 of the FFI Addendum to be completed; no changes
except linguistic ones and plain error corrections will be
accepted anymore for this version.

Never say never... The signatures for peekElemOff and pokeElemOff in the report are less general than the ones in fptools/libraries/base:

peekElemOff :: Storable a => Ptr a -> Int -> IO a


peekElemOff :: Storable a => Ptr b -> Int -> IO a

(same for pokeElemOff). The latter is more flexible and is more in line with
the signatures of plusPtr/minusPtr. Furthermore, changing such a basic function
would probably break quite a lot of code, so I propose to change the report,
not the libraries.


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