Ross Paterson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote,

> In the sentence
>       The marshalling takes the current Unicode encoding on the
>       Haskell side into account.
> (which seems to have been there before), "current" seems wrong, since
> the Haskell side is constant.  How about something like
>       The marshalling converts each Haskell character, representing
>       a Unicode code point, to one or more bytes in a manner
>       determined by the current locale.
> and dropping the later sentence about the locale.


> It might be worth emphasizing that the Len is the number of bytes
> rather than Chars.


> In the part about the single-byte versions, it might be worth tightening
> the warning to say that these preserve only the first 256 values of Char.


> (That is the Latin-1 subset, so calling them ASCII seems a misnomer.)

Yes, but we can't call it Latin-1 either, because that
implies a locale (there is also Latin-2 etc).

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