Dear Sir,

My name is Kelvin Taylor one of the son of the former Liberian President. A war just 
ended in my country Liberia, I escaped to Moroko with my younger sister and from there 
we were monitoring events from there as it continues.

Am just 21years old, my sister is 18years old and I need someone of God fearing that 
can assist me in investing the sum of US$12.5M I escaped with. I got this money 
through my mother after she was killed during the war, this is part of the (US$27M) 
that my Father kept with my mother but after she was dead I quickly and managed to 
escape with the money by the help of my lawyer since our family have come to make some 

We are both in Moroko where we are being haboured by an old woman, from there we found 
our way out to seek an asyllum in one of the European countries where we have both 
been granted but my lawyer is aware of everything and he is in charge of the Funds.

Please, dont mention names and I will be looking forward to your reply as you wish to 
help us out of this situationand. If you signify your intenssion to assist, I will not 
hesitate to give you my lawyer`s information.


Kelvin Taylor

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