Dear sir,

I represent the members of contract award committe of Nigerian National Petroleum 
Corporation (NNPC).

We are in charge of award of various contracts for the Government. We also inspect and 
vet concluded contracts and recommend companies for payments of already concluded 
contracts in Nigeria.

We have the sum of $25M USD that has already been transfered out of the country with 
the assistance of a foreign lawyer by a diplomatic means.
This funds was deposited with one of the European Banks in Holland in an escrow 
account ready for remittance as soon as proper applications for transfers are made in 
your name.

I'm asking for your assistance as a foreigner to act as a beneficiary of the funds for 
our investments purposes in any good areas of your choice, especially real estate and 
importation. The funds was acquired from gratification from various contractors we 
have assisted in getting contracts and from over-invoicing.

You will be entittled to 20% of the total funds for your assistance in getting the 
funds transferred out and assisting us with good investments in your country.

If you are interested, contact me immediately via this e-mail to let you know how to 
proceed with the necessary paperwork and applications to facilitate the remittance of 
these funds within two weeks time limit.

Regards and God bless

Tony Joseph

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