Am 24.03.2015 um 05:41 schrieb Philip Langdale:
Sufficiently new nvenc hardware (GM20x or later) has support for H.265
encoding. This works the same as the H.264 encoder except the
codec parameters are different.

Due to the fact that common codec parameters are not shareable, there's
quite a bit of conditional logic you'd wish we could do without, but
such is life.

Note that this feature requires the 5.0 SDK or newer to compile. I'm not
sure what we gain from supporting the older SDKs, so I'm inclined to
make this unconditional and remove the < 5 support that currently exists.

Yes, I did exactly that in my implementation:

The code i wrote there is completely untested(Except that h264 still works), because i don't have any compatible hardware, so the one you tested is clearly the one that should be prefered.

Dropping SDK <5 support is fine with me, as long as it's not backported to 2.6. The primary gain from supporting the old SDK is that it works with much older nvidia driver versions.

I'll submit the patch that drops the old API support, so you can rebase your patch on top of it.

Looks good to merge otherwise.

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