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Good day,

I read the sad news about ffservers a few days ago and have already
written some mails to ffmpeg-user.

I would like to step in to make ffserver maintainable and distributable
again, especially because of the many users depending on ffserver -
including myself. I'm capable of C and had made some tiny changes to ffmpeg
already, but I'm a beginner regarding the architecture and "unwritten
rules" of ffmpeg development. Additionally, I would like to discuss
strategic decisions with the main developers to avoid useless work.

I really think ffserver is better off being in a separate repository. That
way there'd be some finer attention brought to keeping the API usable by
external users too. Same with the rest of the programs.
So yeah, if you want, just make a separate repository somewhere with only
ffserver.c and a configure + makefile and try to make something better and

I don't want to declare my statement here what should be done, but there is one more thing you didn't mention. ffserver depends on some specific components located inside ffmpeg libraries. At least on ffm mux/demux. They cannot be moved. The problem is, people sometimes opens ticket with error report like that: "I used version X, released about year ago and it worked fine. Now I upgraded and it doesn't work" Keeping it everything in one repo allows you to use bisection to find where the problem were introduced. Where you keep it in separate repositories it become much more complex. Now when you move back in repo history, you know all tools will compile (unless some commits are pushed in wrong order), when you have more repositories then you have to correlate it.

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