On 17/09/2016 22:22, Michael Fritscher wrote:
The other programs will probably be exported elsewhere sometime in the
future, for now since ffserver is getting removed having it put someplace
else is a good starting point.
My idea was to have the 2 repositories "ffmpeg-main" with the libraries
and "ffmpeg-tools" with all of the ff* programs, to have a clear
seperation. Personally I think that having an own repo for every single
tool does not have much advantages. But it could be an idea to have the
ffmpeg-tools repo started with ffserver and let the other tools do the
move to this repo later.

I really like the idea of moving ffserver to another repo (and eventually the other tools), it would help for keeping API usage cleaner, and maybe highlight some cases where the API needs to be extended or changed etc.

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