I've been experimenting with encoding with a  cuda card, and I noticed that 
setting the pict_type member of the AVFrame structure to AV_PICTURE_TYPE_I does 
not trigger it to encode the next frame as an IDR frame as libx264 does. I 
looked at the nvidia docs and it appears there is a mechanism for this behavior.

To force the current frame to be encoded as IDR frame, set

Nvenc_encode_frame in nvenc.c doesn't inspect the pict_type member of the 
incoming AVFrame and set the corresponding NV_ENC_PIC_FLAG_* values.

Is this functionality not present because it doesn't work or just an 
unintentional omission? I understand patches are always welcome but I wanted to 
connect with you all before attempting such a patch. Am I on the right track?

Thanks for all your work, ffmpeg is truly amazing.
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