On 10/12/2016 7:45 PM, Grant Brownewell wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I've been experimenting with encoding with a  cuda card, and I noticed that 
>>> setting the pict_type member of the AVFrame structure to AV_PICTURE_TYPE_I 
>>> >does not trigger it to encode the next frame as an IDR frame as libx264 
>>> does. I looked at the nvidia docs and it appears there is a mechanism for 
>>> this behavior.
>> Is that behaviour documented anywhere?
> I found documentation on the nvidia site 
> (https://developer.nvidia.com/nvencode), here is the section of the document 
> that I referred to in my previous post...

I'm talking about ffmpeg AVFrames.
I was not aware libx264 even did that, and I don't see any documentation
that it's possible to force an IDR/I frame that way.

It should be trivial to add the same behaviour to nvenc.
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