L'octidi 18 thermidor, an CCXXV, James Almer a écrit :
> Indeed, but that's something that should have been done once AVOptions
> gained the shorthand feature with the CLI, not several years down the
> line and hundreds of scripts and tutorials potentially considering it a
> fixed syntax.
> At this point, breaking current shorthand behavior is pretty disruptive,
> at least without some warnings and removal grace period.
> My suggestion would be to keep dummy options in a similar fashion we
> keep deprecated functions, so the shorthand notation does not start
> trying to fill values of unexpected new or moved options. Making them
> raise a warning about how it will stop working in the near future (No
> need for two years like with API, one or two releases should be enough)
> and maybe mention the new option that will be filled by the shorthand
> notation.

That would be ideal, if we had unlimited manpower. Unfortunately, we do

> Is there for that matter a way to achieve this for the CLI only and not
> keeping the dummy options for library users?

Not easily, I think.


  Nicolas George

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