Le decadi 20 thermidor, an CCXXV, Marton Balint a écrit :
> That is why I believe a breaking change such as the overlay filter option
> order change should be mentioned in the Changelog.

Yes, you are completely right.

Also, let me clarify something: pushing this documentation change does
not mean I intend to break the order of options at a whim. Not at all.
In practice, nothing will change, almost. But it means that if there is
a strong need to change the order, we can consider it comfortably, and
without wasting valuable developer time with compatibility workarounds.

Regarding the exact rule: we could document that there are some options
we do not intend to touch (essential options), but what would be the
point, really? Do we require users to learn the list by rote? Are they
supposed to  look in the documentation each time? The rule "use named
options, it will keep working" is simple, easy to remember, and the
extra requirement (write "x=", "y=", essential options are usually
short) is minimal and small compared to the task of learning which
option would be stable and which would not.

With that said, what about this change?


  Nicolas George
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