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Thanks for the reply.

>I think that would work, thanks.
>But I see that in the other patches you call ffio_geturlcontext()
>without checking its return value. That is not good at all, and that
>would make Coverity squirm.
>If you are sure that you are always calling it with a real URLContext,
>then make the test an av_assert0(). I think it is the case. Otherwise,
>you need to check the return value.

I have done the change as suggested. Please find the new patch attached.

>Also, I see the other patch calling prot->url_write directly: I think it
>should call ffurl_write() instead.

I need to send ‘0’ byte http packet to indicate close.
But ffurl_write doesn’t call http_write for a 0 byte packet.
Hence, I am calling prot->url_write directly. 

>  Nicolas George


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