On 2017-11-22 15:40, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
2017-11-23 0:39 GMT+01:00 Derek Buitenhuis <derek.buitenh...@gmail.com>:
On 11/22/2017 11:34 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
Please understand I am against removing the paragraph from the
documentation because I believe it is a good idea if developers
are subscribed to -cvslog.

Carl Eugen: Thank you for responding clearly to the policy question I asked.

You think it is a good idea for "developers" are subscribed to -cvslog. Others on this list clearly are comfortable with some contributors, maybe not the maintainers but just contributors of new features and bug fixes, not being subscribed to cvs-log. We could perhaps clarify this policy, if all of you who have that authority would care to have that discussion and come to a consensus.

Personally, as a new contributor, I think a policy of requiring new contributors, and those who "just want to send a patch here and there", to subscribe to -cvslog is ridiculous. The message volume on -devel is already torrential. The message volume on -cvslog would be about double that. And, from what I see in the archives, I don't understand how the traffic on -cvslog would add value beyond what I already file unread on -devel.

My opinion as someone considering whether to spend effort fixing what look to me like shallow bugs in the FFmpeg documentation, or investing my effort in another project, is that requiring me to subscribe to -cvslog would be a reason to give up on trying to comply with the FFmpeg project's demands. The ratio of gratification to effort would be too discouraging.  But, I'm just a newbie, and this policy decision is yours to make, not mine.

Perhaps it can be reworded a bit to say it's encouraged for the
cited reasons, but not mandatory if you just want to send a patch
here and there?
If that really helps anybody, please do so!

OK, I will modify the patch to include a new @Subheading describing subscription to ffmpeg-devel as in the current patch, and retaining a reworded version of the current @Subheading describing subscription to ffmpeg-cvslog as "encouraged for the cited reasons, but not mandatory if you just want to send a patch here and there" as Derek puts it. I won't get to that edit until the weekend.

Derek, thank you for your intervention.

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