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Well, don't worry too much. People like him are, as some would say,
toxic members of the community. Frequent drama and flame wars
(And here's where I wished ffmpeg were a properly managed project.)

Look who's talking!

Given that you started a fork of FFmpeg repeating ancient lies and
stating you don't support FFmpeg anymore:
Why do you post here?

Because he like to argue with toxic people like you.
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This conversation is very entertaining but leads us nowhere.
May I suggest to go down to business of enabling HW encoders by default?
Yesterday Mark submitted the initial implementation and I really want
to thank him for his mentoring and participation - it was very useful.
The submission doesn't have AMD header so AMD encoder is off in any default 
I counted responses to my posts and found six people are for the default 
of HW blocks one way or another: by including headers or pulling them out
automatically using git (I guess via submodules?).
Two people want to remove external headers and disable default HW acceleration.
Question is: how to move forward on practical terms? I really don’t know how 
this team makes such decisions.
Or maybe it is impasse case and  all want to keep things the way they are today?

The project has a voting system which was used in the past for issues where no consensus was reached. A voting however is a tedious process which usually leaves a few frustrated people on the losing side, so I'd say that is a last resort.

An alternative solution to adding AMD or removing Nvidia headers might be to simply disable the Nvidia hwaccel autodetection, and require the user to explicitly enable it. That seems mostly fair to me, and keeps the current status of the headers.

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