>> The commit that broke it should be reverted until the author
>> of that commit can explain why it changed, or fix it.
> The commit that added the test was the one that broke fate. It never
> worked.
> So this "sort of" reverts what caused the issue.

Wasn't the code it tests added directly before the commit that added this
test? That's the code that is broken.

The way I see it, the code is  workaround for broken files, but it doesn't
actually work. It should either be fixed, or the workaround removed if
nobody (especially the author) is willing to fix it.

> Ill make this more clear in the commit message in case you otherwise
> agree to the change ?
> I can also exactly revert
> the commit that added the test if thats preferred?

See above.

As I stated before, the entire point of tests is to show something is broken.
They make FATE red so someone will fix it. Disabling the test demeans the
entire point of having tests - if nobody is willing to fix the broken code
it tests, that broken could should be removed, or not have been committed.

- Derek
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