> > Do you test on X86_32 or x86_64 ?
> failure occurs on both
> > Nasm or Yasm ?
> NASM version 2.10.09 compiled on Dec 29 2013
> I try to compile with the same nasm version (on os X, X86_64)
using --x86asmexe=nasm_exe_path2.10rc9 in the configure

And the checkasm also pass

./tests/checkasm/checkasm --test=vf_hflip --bench --seed 1616253308
benchmarking with native FFmpeg timers
nop: 34.9
checkasm: using random seed 1616253308
 - vf_hflip.hflip_byte  [OK]
 - vf_hflip.hflip_short [OK]
checkasm: all 2 tests passed
hflip_byte_c: 28.0
hflip_byte_ssse3: 27.0
hflip_short_c: 277.7
hflip_short_ssse3: 71.0

Any ideas, why it fail for you ?

In attach new patch (who probably doesn't fix the problem in your sandybox)
001 : unchanged
002 : add test for various width, change bench new, to use w variable
and remove the fate-checkasm.

Don't know if it's ok, to add a checkasm, without adding it to
fate/checkasm (because it fails).
It's convenient to have this kind of test to improve the asm (instead of
not having a test at all)


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