W dniu 11.12.2017 o 00:51, Mateusz pisze:
> W dniu 10.12.2017 o 21:13, Martin Vignali pisze:
>>> For me there is no "src + (width - 1) * step" in tests/checkasm/vf_hflip.c
>>> You pass start of the src buffer but you should pass end of the buffer.
>>> Thanks !
>> New patch in attach.
> Now it is OK in my system (mingw 32/64-bit, VS 2017 64-bit). Thanks!

VS 2017 32-bit doesn't run this test:
CC      tests/checkasm/vf_colorspace.o
CC      tests/checkasm/vf_hflip.o
CC      tests/checkasm/vf_threshold.o
CC      tests/checkasm/videodsp.o
CC      tests/checkasm/vp8dsp.o
CC      tests/checkasm/vp9dsp.o
f:\ffmpeg\libavcodec\get_bits.h(308): warning C4101: 're_cache': unreferenced 
local variable
X86ASM  tests/checkasm/x86/checkasm.o
STRIP   tests/checkasm/x86/checkasm.o
skipping strip -x tests/checkasm/x86/checkasm.o
LD      tests/checkasm/checkasm.exe
TEST    checkasm-aacpsdsp
TEST    checkasm-alacdsp
TEST    checkasm-audiodsp
TEST    checkasm-blockdsp
TEST    checkasm-bswapdsp
TEST    checkasm-exrdsp
TEST    checkasm-fixed_dsp
TEST    checkasm-flacdsp
TEST    checkasm-float_dsp
TEST    checkasm-fmtconvert
TEST    checkasm-g722dsp
TEST    checkasm-h264dsp
TEST    checkasm-h264pred
TEST    checkasm-h264qpel
TEST    checkasm-hevc_add_res
TEST    checkasm-hevc_idct
TEST    checkasm-jpeg2000dsp
TEST    checkasm-llviddsp
TEST    checkasm-pixblockdsp
TEST    checkasm-sbrdsp
TEST    checkasm-synth_filter
TEST    checkasm-v210enc
TEST    checkasm-vf_blend
TEST    checkasm-vf_colorspace
TEST    checkasm-vf_threshold
TEST    checkasm-videodsp

I don't know why. 64-bit VS 2017 tests vf_hflip, 32/64-bit mingw also.

If I run this test from command line it works (in 32-bit VS 2017):
$ tests/checkasm/checkasm --test=vf_hflip --bench --seed 1616253308
benchmarking with native FFmpeg timers
nop: 19.3
checkasm: using random seed 1616253308
 - vf_hflip.hflip_byte  [OK]
 - vf_hflip.hflip_short [OK]
checkasm: all 2 tests passed
hflip_byte_c: 274.1
hflip_byte_ssse3: 18.1
hflip_short_c: 194.1
hflip_short_ssse3: 18.9

Any ideas?


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