On 12/10/2017 10:44 PM, Mark Thompson wrote:

Can you explain what you actually want to achieve here?  It sounds more like 
you want --disable-autodetect (hardware libraries are not the only ones which 
can give surprise dependencies).

If the ffmpeg HW decoder/encoder wrappers are disabled, then associated libraries cuda, d3d11.. should also be disabled.

They are not because of autodetect. configure picks up 6 libs here. And since they are AD, users may not realize that they are included - I didn't; I thought disable-hwaccels did that - till I happened to check configure's result for another lib I was linking.

--disable-autodetect disables others besides the HW libs. The users may not know if they want/need these other libs, but if HW codecs are disabled, then those libs used exclusively by them, should not get linked.


P.S. Isn't AMF for providing support for AMD GPU decoder/encoders?
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