On 09/02/2018 11:39, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:

I think the question is out of topic for this patch proposal, as this
question is global for all flavors of DPX (also the ones already supported
by FFmpeg, i.e. FFmpeg already supports RGBA 12-bit filled with Method A,
here I just add the support for packed content, without adding anything else
about alpha support in FFmpeg, this patch changes nothing about alpha
support in FFmpeg and/or DPX) and the need for validating such patch is
about sample files for RGBA 12-bit packed (RGBA 12-bit filled with method A
being already available) and not for the content itself.
Sorry, I thought you had access to such a sample and we would
just have to test it, no?

is indicated by the person who provided it as with DPX alpha channel used for actually storing infrared
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