2018-02-12 23:38 GMT+01:00 Jerome Martinez <jer...@mediaarea.net>:
> On 12/02/2018 22:37, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:

>> The only solution I can think of is to change the semantics of the fourth
>> dpx layer by default and to add an option (to the decoder) that allows
>> using the current semantics that defaults to "auto" reading the encoder
>> value.
> IMO having the default everywhere as currently set is not "buggy", but a
> global (not limited to DPX) option could be interesting

I don't think this is a "global" issue, afaict, this is 100% dpx-specific.

I also don't think a global flag (or similar) that indicates that alpha
is actually infrared would me sense: GraphicsMagick (that does
not show the issue that FFmpeg has) does not have such a flag
and also supports a number of image formats that support alpha.

Carl Eugen
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