On 2018-02-22 08:06, wm4 wrote:

To be honest, I think we _could_ initialize the encoder AVCodecContext
color_range field from the first AVFrame. AFAIK we wait with encoder
initialization anyway until the first frame is filtered.

True enough, but we do have all these src/link/sink properties for some
reason right :-)

Do encoders (which support jpeg range) currently do the right thing if
you only set the "normal" pixfmt and the wanted color_range? The mjpeg
encoder and a bunch of other things work only with the J formats
anyway. What's the plan to deal with that?

Some of them do (vpxenc, x264, nvenc, etc) and some don't (mjpeg obviously).
For those that don't support it, nothing changes with this patch set;
nothing improves and nothing gets worse. For those that do support it,
it becomes possible to succeed in basic transcoding scenarios without using J formats. For hardware transcoding scenarios where J was not supported at
all, it makes correct range transcoding possible for the first time.

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