On Mon, Mar 12, 2018, at 1:46 PM, Valery Kot wrote:
> Got it. Do I have to post an updated patch as a reply to this thread?

Whatever you prefer, but adding a version to the subject can be helpful for us 
to keep track. You can do that with the "-v" option in "git format-patch". If 
you want to keep it within the thread use the "--in-reply-to" option (view the 
raw email message or message headers to get the in-reply-to value).

But you don't necessarily need to make a new patch to address the minor 
whitespace issue. You can wait for other comments and include it with any other 
requested changes.

Please try to avoid top-posting on the mailing list: it makes it harder to 
follow the replies. Lastly, if you can fix the reply quoting in your email 
message that would be helpful as well.
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