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Bodecs Bela <bode...@vivanet.hu> wrote:

Hi All,

regularly, on different forums and mailing lists a requirement popups
for a feature to automatically failover switching between main input and a
secondary input in case of main input unavailability.

The base motivation: let's say you have a unreliable live stream source
and you
want to transcode its video and audio streams in realtime but you
want to survive the ocasions when the source is unavailable. So use a
secondary live source but the transition should occur seamlessly without
breaking/re-starting the transcoding processs.

Some days ago there was a discussion on devel-irc about this topic and
we concluded that this feature is not feasible inside ffmpeg without
"hacking", but a separate client app could do this.

So I created this example app to handle two separate input sources and
switching realtime between them. I am not sure wheter it should be
inside the tools subdir.

The detailed description is available in the header section of the
source file.

I will appretiate your suggestions about it.

Thank you in advance.


Bela Bodecs

Does this really quality as example? It's way too complex and seems to
be about a specific use case in place of ffmpeg.c, rather than
demonstrating API use in an educational way (what code examples are
supposed to do).

If someone wants to merge this, at least add it as top level program,
and not under the examples directory.
Thank you for your feedback.
Because on irc some said that other program can do this live switching, I only wanted to demonstrate that this feature is feasible based on ffmpeg. As I wrote I am also not sure wheter it should be inside the tools subdir or as an example or something else. Frankly, I do not know what formal requirements I  should include into the code to be qualified as a separate tool.


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