On Mon, 19 Feb 2018, Hannes Kuehn wrote:


my question regarding the problem is basicly the same as in this mail https://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-user/2017-March/035541.html

but there was no solution yet.

We need to convert MXF OP-1b to DNxHD so that our Avid Media Composer will be able to handle the files.
Media info and console output below.

The problem seems to be this one:

[mxf @ 00000254ee40a480] error getting stream index 38594201777 bitrate=  -0.0kbits/s speed=N/A
    Last message repeated 47 times

But I have no idea how to fix it.

I would be SUPER nice if you could help me!

Please provide a sample.

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