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I am attempting to use FFMPEG to record a multi-program transport stream
(MPTS) which arrives as UDP. There are four Programs in the MPTS. Each
program consists of a video (h264) and seven or eight audios (mp2). And
each Program has a defined set of PIDs assigned to that Program. So, for
example, Program 1 has PID 100 (0x64) for video and PIDs 101-107
(0x65-0x6B) for audio. Among the four Programs there are 34 streams (0-33).

I need to record this MPTS as a .TS file while maintaining the original PID
numbers. I am attempting to force the PID numbering using 34 "-streamid"
parameters. For example:

-streamid 0:0x64 -streamid 1:0x65 -streamid 2:0x66

The command line runs but the resulting file renumbers the PIDs
incorrectly. And this renumbering is different for each run. It is
different each time, it appears, because FFMPEG associates the stream
numbers and PID numbers differently for each run. The input UDP stream ran
continuously during these two tests; it was not stopped or paused.

I have attached a text file showing the command line and the console output
for two runs. Notice in the first attempt that Program 1 is associated with
streams 18-19-23-24-21-20-25-22. And in the second try Program 1 is
associated with streams 33-19-29-30-27-26-31-28.

This variability would seem to make consistent PID numbering impossible
using "streamid".

Is there another way?

You can always map explicitly every input stream (e.g. -map 0:i:101, etc.), this way the order of the output streams should be the same.

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