Hello all, 

I have set up a HLS server and asked it to listen to localhost on port 5555 
with this command `mediastreamsegmenter -f /Library/WebSever/Documents/live -audio-only`. This is a macOS tool.

I have found a command to create an input stream from a **video** file and send 
it to the `mediastreamsegmenter`, as follow : 

    -re -i video.m4v 
    -vcodec copy 
    -vbsf h264_mp4toannexb 
    -acodec copy 
    -f mpgets udp://

However, It doesn't work with a AAC file. How can I send an audio-only file. (I 
really don't care about the image) to a segmenter? 

Thanks for your help, 



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