Hi List,

I have different environments (X86, ARM, Jetson Nano) on which I'd like to
use hardware encoders and decoders if available.
I guess that I won't be able to use them if they have not been built in the
ffmpeg dependencies if I install a "generic" version.
Will the configure command autodetect what it should build, or do I have to
know my hardware before launching configure with specific options?
I have read https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/HWAccelIntro but it's not clear to
me yet.
Is there any way to have ffmpeg list what it has "found" on my system?
Do I have to launch a series of commands with the different accelerators
that exist, and see the output?
I suppose we have to specify on the command line the hardware acceleration
chosen for the ffmpeg command, it won't autodetect and choose one that is
available, am I right?

Thanks a bunch,

Bruno Verachten
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