It is reasonable that one could be experienced building open source software (I 
wish i was) and also be using the ffmpeg app for the first time.  I wish I 
could help.Personally, I may want to build ffmpeg in the future to enable 
hardware encoding support, if I read the documentation correctly this is 
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-------- Original message --------From: Reindl Harald <> 
Date: 10/10/19  07:06  (GMT-05:00) To: Subject: Re: 
[FFmpeg-user] how to rename libx264 shared
  library( in FFmpeg Am 10.10.19 um 12:15 schrieb Anand:> I am 
new to FFmpeg. > > I compiled FFmpeg and generated shared library. > > I want 
to rename libx264( to customized name in 
FFmpeg. To adapt this change please let me know the places where I should can't and you don't gain anything by just rane some files, 
thefilename is independent from the ABI/API in the binarythis is one of the 
many posts asking "how to implement my solutionwithout describe the problem to 
solve" and that donÄt make much senseespecially when you state "I am new to 
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