On 6/12/19 13:19, Anwuli Okwuashi wrote:
I renamed the images and used the full path in the command line but it
still doesn't work. See attached the error report and below my code.
Thank you,
. winexec "C:\FFmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe"  -report  -i
"C:\Users\analyst\Desktop\STATA\projects\animation3\graph%02d.png"  -b:v
2048k  "C:\Users\analyst\Desktop\STATA\projects\animation3\map_video.mpg"

If you see your report, you will see this line:

[image2 @ 000001d077c4a440] Could find no file with path 'C:\Users\analyst\Desktop\STATA\projects\animation3\graph%02d.png' and index in the range 0-4

That tells you it is not finding the images.  Either the path, name, extesion, frame padding or start frame is wrong.  Without seeing the directory it is impossible for me to say what of that is wrong.

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