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Look here:   http://pages.videotron.com/tiller/SS4000faults.htm

and here:


Whether you will find anything to fix is uncertain and there is plenty to break.


---- Bob Geoghegan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thanks, Tony.
> The lamp comes on immediately with the power button.  There's a split-second
> of what might be a motor but seems more likely to be a relay driven by the
> power switch.  I tried the Polaroid cleaning brush but to no effect.  SCSI
> connectors seem OK and re-seating them also had no effect.  It's the same
> for changing termination status & SCSI ID.
> For people who've opened up their SS4000s, what did you use to unclip the 4
> fasteners on the bottom?  Gently working them with a screwdriver looks like
> one way to go.
> BOb
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> Subject: [filmscanners] Re: ss4000 not initializing
> On 22/04/2008 Bob Geoghegan wrote:
> > I turned on my SprintScan 4000 for the first time in about a year
> > today.
> > The 2 LEDs light up instantly with no flashing from the yellow one
> > and there
> > are no motor noises.
> Check your SCSI and power cable connectors. I'm not sure the 4000
> initialises if the SCSI is detached.
> Otherwise, is the lamp on, visible through the front slot? It should light
> immediately when you press the power button, and if the bulb is blown I
> doubt it's going to go through initialisation.
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> Tony Sleep
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