Don't forget to assign your blank box expression to a metatool. Otherwise, if you enter it 'manually' into the score a number of times from the same shape (Expression), and change one of them, it will change all of them. The same if you copy one from one system to the other.

Also write to Makemusic and request that they introduce boxes and circles, with fills, as (custom) smart-shapes - this would make life so much easier!


On 10/01/11 6:55 AM, Steve Parker wrote:
Yes.. I'd just about got there..
Turning off 'allow horizontal stretching' helps.
It would be good to attach it to the page rather than to a measure.
Actually that would be good for all expressions too.
For me I think it is workable as the very last step before publishing.

Steve P.

On 9 Jan 2011, at 19:45, Christopher Smith wrote:

What you won't understand is why it never reacts the way you think it
should once you get it into the score. I can't even get a shape
expression to appear in the same place twice when I look at it. I
can't stand the damned thing, and never use it as a result.


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