OK, I give up!
I've been trying all evening to create a simple sound file from some printed 
First try:  scanned into Sharpeye, saved as mro, converted to xml.  Had Finale 
(try to) import the xml.  Got error message, something about out-of-bound 
Second try:  scanned directly into Finale (Smartscore Lite 6), went through the 
read/conversion process, tried to open in Finale.  Got SAME error message.
Current equipment:  Windows 10 Home 64 bit, Finale 2011,  Sharpeye version 2.  
Until earlier this year, all this has worked fine.  Now, it's working not at 
So, am I looking at upgrading Finale, switching to Photoscore, or what?  Other 
suggestions/ideas?  I need to be able to create sound files without having to 
spend a lot of $$$.
Thanks, all!
Barbara Levybarb073@msn.com407-578-4829                                         
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