On 9/20/2016 10:18 PM, Barbara wrote:
> OK, I give up! I've been trying all evening to create a simple sound
> file from some printed music. First try:  scanned into Sharpeye,
> saved as mro, converted to xml.  Had Finale (try to) import the xml.
> Got error message, something about out-of-bound string. Second try:
> scanned directly into Finale (Smartscore Lite 6), went through the
> read/conversion process, tried to open in Finale.  Got SAME error
> message. Current equipment:  Windows 10 Home 64 bit, Finale 2011,
> Sharpeye version 2.  Until earlier this year, all this has worked
> fine.  Now, it's working not at all. So, am I looking at upgrading
> Finale, switching to Photoscore, or what?  Other suggestions/ideas?
> I need to be able to create sound files without having to spend a lot
> of $$$. Thanks, all! Barbara Levybarb073@msn.com407-578-4829

My first suggestion is to think back to when it was all working for you. 
  How long ago was "earlier this year?"   It sounds as if you haven't 
been doing this right along, but that it has been several months since 
you tried.  What has changed since then?  Were you using the same 
computer and same operating system?

Have you checked to be sure that all your drivers and programs are 

Have you tried other pieces and get the same problems or is it just one 
single piece which is causing this?

Have you tried importing other musicxml files you have created or have 
found on the web?

If you would like to send me one of the xml files (off-list) I'll be 
happy to try to open it in Finale 2014.5 and see if it works.  I'll also 
try to open it in Sibelius7 and see what happens.

I wouldn't suggest running out and buying Photoscore because it seems to 
me that it's the importing function in Finale which might not be working 
properly if you've already tried two different scanning programs and you 
get the same error message both times.

David H. Bailey
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