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> Measure tool.  Once selected, two small handles will appear at the top of the 
> barline, topmost visible system.  Click on the lower handle and you can 
> selectively move notes horizontally.  Just be careful with multi-staved 
> systems.
> Is this what you’re asking about?

Not exactly.  I am using two layers.  There is a half note in the top
layer, and two quarters in layer 2.  The quarter note under the half
note is "offset" and if I use the method you describe it does, in fact
, move notes horizontally... but it moves them still offset.

 Just FYI. Interesting discovery, though.  I original had both soprano
line and alto line on layer one, with common stems.  When I removed
the alto notes and added them back in with a a quarter note MOVING
part, the original layer one kept a "ghost" note, so that the new
layer 2 note was offset... offset from the "ghost" note.  To fix it, I
had to delete the entries for the whole measure and re-enter the two
layers, to get rid of the offset.

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