Fin25 / Fin26, you say potatoes, I say potahtoes. Not much difference that I can see.

I just tried a quick experiment to see how wonderful the new automatic placement feature for slurs and other articulations works, and I have to say that it does what it claims to, although hardly the big deal around which to build a whole-number upgrade.

Yes that does make multiple articulations much neater by default. But it stacks the articulations as it feels they ought to be. If we want them stacked differently we still have to drag them as we've had to do in all previous versions of Finale.

Looking at the list of what's new in Fin26, there is the comment:
"Palette. The Simple Entry Rests Palette is now one of the default palettes displayed when launching Finale." -- Did anybody really suffer from having to actually manually have the Simple Entry Rests Palette display whenever Simple Entry mode is used, or setting Finale to have it display all the time if we so wished? Hardly worth a whole-number upgrade!

"...the return of the Maestro font Lead Sheet template" -- so putting something *back* which should never have been removed in the first place is something we have to pay for? Especially aggravating, given that we had to pay for the upgrade where they removed it in the first place!

No, I see nothing making this a worthwhile upgrade for anybody who is on Finale12, 14, 14.5 and definitely not worth the price for someone working in Finale25. If a person is on a much earlier version of Finale then this will offer a lot of improvements, but beware, some long-standing bugs (read Giz's message) are still there

Unless the articulations were driving you batty, in which case you may feel it's worth the $150 upgrade fee. I'm with Giz Bowe on this -- it's the last upgrade for Finale I'll be buying until they do major improvements to the program. I notice that they don't appear to address the numerous complaints about the linked score/parts and what is linked and what is unlinked.

Gone are the days of the mind-blowing, new-feature-rich upgrades of the past, where we could suddenly do something that previously had been impossible or at least very difficult.

David H. Bailey
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