In my opinion, the most significant caveat of Fin26 is described by this
quote from Mark Adler:

"while you can update an old file to v26 and choose not to update
articulation positioning for those markings already in the document, Finale
does update the file to use the new positioning calculation to accommodate
your choice. Once you save the file, the new positioning data based on that
new frame of reference is saved — this is why the new positioning data is
not recognized when that file is subsequently opened in an older version.
We felt that it was in our users’ best interest to continue to allow
opening of v26 files in older versions even though articulation positioning
data is lost when moving a file backward.”

This choice by Makemusic means effectively that collaboration between
Finale 26 users and users of earlier versions of Finale is impossible. Yes,
you can open the files in the earlier versions, but all the articulation
placement is destroyed (even if you don't use the new features). To me, it
seems like a major step backwards. But perhaps there is less demand for
this kind of cross-version collaboration than I thought there was. (Though
if that's the case, I am puzzled that they went to so much trouble in
Finale 2012 thru Finale 25 to make it possible.)

I should add that it won't personally affect me. I'll be adopting Fin26 as
soon as I can. The new articulation features are a major improvement in my
view. And I speculate (without any inside knowledge at all) that they will
give us more in dot releases.

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> On 10/17/2018 11:54 PM, Craig Parmerlee wrote:
> > This article presents more detail than I have seen elsewhere.
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> Very nice review, thank you for sharing it with us.  Its conclusions
> coincide with what I've observed in my first few days with the program.
> Nothing to make anybody jump to using Finale instead of either Sibelius
> or Dorico, but some nice improvements for those of us using Finale anyway.
> And the review does a very nice job of explaining some of the minutiae
> associated with the new articulation usage as well as other aspects of
> this upgrade.
> Thanks!
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