And this is exactly why there is so little being done with Finale.  In the good old days, it was very common for universities to buy lots of Finale licenses.  Indeed, there was usually an annual upgrade timed to fit the procurement cycles of academic institutions.  I don't have any data, but I think it is pretty safe to assume there was a time when the academic use of Finale was far more revenue than the retail use of the product, especially considering so many of the non-academic users went for years between upgrades.

I think it is also pretty safe to assume that with MuseScore, the amount of academic revenue for the Finale notation product has dropped precipitously.

It is a different situation with SmartMusic.  This product remains successful in education.  Indeed it is ONLY for education.  And most importantly, it is a product that works great at the high school level -- and there are far more high school seats than college seats.  If you look at the websites, Finale is off to its own island.  SmartMusic is an entirely separate website and they don't mention Finale at all.

Looking back to the day that the Minneapolis-based company sold out to the Colorado Springs-based company, the new CEO talked about the acquired products not as tools for artists, but as training tools equivalent to sports training.  I thought this might have reflected a lack of understanding of the Finale product line.  In retrospect, it is clear that they fully understood what they were buying.  The only product they were interested in was SmartMusic and they viewed Finale as a cash cow to milk for a few more years.  I am not criticizing these decisions.  These are probably the best business decisions available.  But I cannot imagine anybody paying $600 (or the discounted $350) for a new Finale license.

That's pretty much the life story right there.  Fortunately there are two outstanding products that are each evolving quickly (Dorico and MuseScore).  Everything else is a dead end, IMHO.

On 11/8/2018 5:39 PM, David H. Bailey wrote:
Musescore is totally free, very capable and if you install it on your computer you can simply view your students' assignments without a need for them to save them as musicxml for you to open in Finale.

There isn't a free program that saves in Finale file format besides NotePad, and as you point out that's only a Windows program.  So the best free option is for all of you to install and use MuseScore for your assignments.

David H. Bailey

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