If possible, this question is for those fond of the theoretical aspect of 
music. Not merely related to Finale, although I thought that this list’s 
opinion could favour some remarkable responses.
How would you define, in a generic way, a set of notes to be used for composing 
a melody? For example, how could  C,D,E,G,A - forming a pentatonic scale - or 
C,D,E,F,G - forming a major pentachord - or A#,B,C - forming a cromatic 
trichord - be commonly defined ? I can’t find a satisfying definition: 'melodic 
structure’ implies aspects more related to the architechture of the 
composition, ‘series' implies a set of sounds to be taken in a particular 
order. “Ah! vous dirai-je, maman” is composed using the first six notes of a 
major scale, thus forming an hexachord, but how would it generally be defined?



Giovanni Andreani


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